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TOSTITOS® Chicken Strips with Toppers Sauce




  • Marinate the Chicken
  • Bread and Fry the Chicken


Marinate the Chicken

Combine all ingredients and submerge the chicken in the marinade for 2 hours, then remove from marinade and set aside until ready to bread and fry.

Bread and Fry the Chicken

Sift together the flour, potato starch, salt and spices. Split this mixture in half.

Mix half of the mixture with the broken chips.

Dredge each piece of chicken in the flour without chips, then dip in water, shaking off excess water, then back in the flour. Repeat one more time in the flour without chips, then dip in water, shake off and dip in the flour with the chips.

Fry at 350 until internal temperature reaches 165. Serve immediately with your favorite Tostitos Toppers Sauce

TOSTITOS® Restaurant Style Salsa

Made with

TOSTITOS® Restaurant Style Salsa

TOSTITOS® Restaurant Style Salsa

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